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Where is Paris?
29.06.2016 13:56

Paris – the City of Lights, Land of Love and everything that is pretty and romantic – we all dream of visiting Paris one day, and if we ever get to visit there, the rest of our lives are spent dreaming about going back to that magical city. However, if you have never travelled to Paris before and wondering where is Paris really, it can be a little tricky to exactly locate this mighty town in a map serenely sitting Northern central of France, closer to the very edge of Europe. This city is said to be 42 meters above the sea level, and the historical documents state how Parisians used this elevation in enemy invasions or threats to the country.


Paris is the largest jewel of the crown of France, but it is surrounded by other valuable jewels including many historically and culturally importance cities. The beautiful Seine River flows majestically curved in the middle of Paris map, dividing it gracefully into two parts. Paris has a mild and pleasant climate due to the influence of fine North Atlantic Currents. Being the capital of France, it has a high number of population (2,138,551), but the city authorities have made sure that the high population and the modernity has not affected the world famous serenity of the city that attracts thousands of tourists every year.


Paris is unarguably the most important and the most popular city in France, but in size, it is rather small when compared to many large municipalities in France. Speaking of important cities near Paris, Versailles is an important destinations which is almost equally famous among high budget travelers in particular. This city can be reached by many ways including cars, train, boat or the usual airplane according to Paris Location, which makes it more entertaining you use different transport methods to come to Paris during your stay around France.


The mighty Eifel Tower, the beloved landmark of Paris is situated in Camp de Mars in the Paris Map. Right in front of this tower you can see the striking view of a bridge and then Trocadero Gardens which boasts of many other Paris attractions including Palais de Chaillot, Librairie boutique du musée national de la Marine and more. After spending a good day around the Eifel Tower and surroundings, you can find a fun and happening night life with good clubs and fine dining restaurants to make your Paris experience more satisfying.

Paris is also the home to the most visited museum in the whole world, Louvre, which boasts of many popular masterpieces from the artists all around the world – Monalisa being the most famous of all. Notre Dame Cathedral is another landmark of Paris which is a reason for a great number of tourists to visit this magnificent town.


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